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Even in this world which is dominated by tablets and touchscreen smartphones, there’s a futuristic feel video wall can bring to your business that no other technology can manage to deliver. It can make visitors and customers recall the type of breathtaking visual experience that was once restricted to only advertising hubs. And, along with being visually impressive, these interactive display solutions can drastically extend the in-store experience and make a seamless connection between shopping sale and support.

No doubt, interactive video wall is the finest mode of advertisement that enhances the aesthetical value of your place and escalates the growth of your business. But, these excellent digital display solutions need to be implemented correctly. When you are investing a significant amount of money, you expect a return that you were promised and obviously, you do not want the device to sit in pieces in the back room. For driving sales and get an outcome that you are expecting after considerable investment, it is important to know how to choose a video wall for your enterprise.

Below enumerated are a few points that help you to understand how to choose a video wall:

1. Space and Ambience:
Before installing video wall at your place, you must be aware of the environment where these digital signage products are going to be placed. It is important to make a note of things like location i.e. indoor or outdoor, how much ambient light the place receives, maintenance and accessibility and also physical dimensions like size of the wall, room space and layout. Also, try to place video wall in an area where it can get enough cooling space as this will extend its life significantly.

2. Customer Impact or Usage:
This is the most crucial factor as it drives the Return on Objectives and eventually the Return of Investment. Firstly know how you are going to impact your customer with the system and what video wall can influence your end-user. This will provide you a great insight of what LED video wall system and components are to be acquired to satisfy your business, without digging holes in your pocket.

3. Content Delivery:
What you will be showing on your video wall, still images, low or high-resolution videos, 4 K content or 3 D graphics. These are essential things that need to consider while purchasing video walls. Once you will decide what type of content you will be showing, then you need to think that how it will be delivered to the screens. Nowadays, highly specialized and advanced hardware solution is not needed to get high quality on your video wall as there are displays with built-in media players. These integrated media players and flexible hardware solutions eliminate the need for external components.

Other than this, you must also check whether you require traditional digital signage system or advanced HDBaseT Solution. Pay a proper attention to factors like size, shape, layout and aspect ratio. The right aspect ratio avoids the distorted view of the content. Moreover, the right video calibration set-up and maintenance must not be overlooked. Video wall calibration is a laborious process but paying attention while installation can leverage numerous benefits for your business.